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A bit about me... In the real world, I'm a business analyst. In my spare time, I enjoying flying [I have a Private Pilot Licence - PPL] and a bit of amateur photography. Mostly this is of aircraft, but I like photographing a bit of scenery and other stuff when time and conditions allow.

I'm based in Wellington, New Zealand, and my flying usually revolves around Wellington International Airport, although I also enjoy getting out and about to see some of the wonderful scenery that we have here in New Zealand!

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Papamoa David said...

Hi Rodney,

When you posted about the thunder mustang a couple of years ago you said thanks to my uncle for one of the pics :-)

Rodney said...

Hi David,

Was that the photo Gavin sent from WoW, or the one from the record breaking NZAA-NZCH flight??



Anonymous said...

Hi Rodney
Have a look at this..

Kevin said...

Hi Rodney,
I read on the Australian Aviation website that Singapore Airlines are planning a regular service into Wellington using a A330 around March. Route is Singapore Canberra Wellington.

Wonder if the Wellington strip is long enough.

Rodney said...

Hi Kevin, I have heard the same. We'll have to wait and see what happens :-) I imagine that with a restricted fuel and freight load they could make it worthwhile, since it only has to get the Canberra [approx 4 hrs plus reserves?] before refuelling for the long-haul leg. Cheers, Rodney

Anonymous said...

If your out at the airport early on Saturday the 23rd, there will be an Air New Zealand 767 departing at 0600 back to Auckland. It has been operating as a charter international flight.

Rodney said...

That would be good to see.... although that time of day might be a bit hard :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the Blog. If you are around on Saturday we have a A340 due in at 1300 from Iran.

Rodney said...

Wow! Thank you Anon! I will be there. That will be an interesting visitor! Do you know if it is Iranian registered?

Anonymous said...

Yes Islamic Republic of Iran airlines EP-AJA

Anonymous said...

Another VIP movement for you Rodney. UAE 787-800 due in approx 1900 on on the 16th of March and departing the next day at 1650 approx.

Anonymous said...

Please cover NZ1911 B789 ZK-NZE ETA 06:50 NZST 29-07-2016

Anonymous said...

Rodney? Are you there?
Due for departure (delayed) at either 16:15 or 16:30 as NZ1912 or NZ1918.
Sure hope you are apronside to get some images as I can’t make it :(

Rodney said...

Hi Anon... sorry, I could not make it as I was working. There are ots of really interesting photos about this though!